Thursday, November 11, 2010

Dates to remember

Birthday party invitations are not to be given out during school hours - Thank you.
Tuesday 16th November - Football coach will be coming to the school. Mrs Meehan's class, Miss Tierney's class, Mrs Power's class and Miss Kiely's class are asked to wear tracksuits and bring football boots (if they have them) on the day.
Tueday 30th November - GREEN FLAG DAY OF ACTION
Sean Kelly international cyclist, will be leading our senior pupils on a short road-cycle, subject to parental consent.
Junior pupils and inexperienced cyclists will be led on a cycle within the school grounds.
All participating pupils will be required to have a bicycle and helmet in school on the day.
Barry Meehan, owner of World Wide Cycles, Clonmel will be on hand to show the children how to maintain their bikes.