Saturday, October 13, 2012

Catherine Keena - Teagasc

Catherine Keena came to our school on Monday the 8 of October. Catherine works for Teagasc in the Reps section. She visits farms to see if they are protecting the environment. For example, if farmers are growing corn it has to be five feet away from the ditch. Catherine’s daughter, Eilís Norris, goes to Rathgormack School. She is in junior infants.

  •  There are 20 native trees in Ireland; Birch, Ash, Oak, & Rowan (Mountain Ash) are some examples.

  • We learned about native birds and the sounds they make. She showed us the Thrush, the Blackbird and the Bluetit. We had to listen very carefully and tell her which bird it was.

  • We also learned that the holly gets less prickly as it grows and that the ivy starts off heart shaped, but grows out of that shape when as grows.

Catherine showed us leaves and branches of Hawthorn, Blackthorn, Holly, Ivy, Oak, Ash, Hazel and Willow. She also showed us an owl whistle, which sounded just like a real owl.

Catherine Keena was very interesting and we are very grateful of her coming to our school.

By Aisling Gough