Saturday, October 13, 2012

Caomhín de Paor and Ned Landers - Coillte

On Tuesday the 9th of October, Caomhín de Paor and Ned Landers from Coillte came to talk to us about trees and biodiversity. Caomhín’s daughter, Críoadh de Paor, goes to school here in Rathgormack National School. She is in Senior Infants.

Here are some interesting facts they told us:
  • Coillte harvest trees when they are between 20 and 30 years old, because that is when they are the right size for the machines in their factories such as Medite and Dundrun Sawmills.
  • Coillte make a big profit on citrus spruce trees which grow well in Ireland.
  • Coillte help to preserve biodiversity in Ireland, by following special rules when they are planting new trees, such as not planting trees to close to rivers and streams.
  • The Perm Mussel is the longest living animal in Ireland, and can live for over one hundred years.
  • Coillte are starting to grow eucalyptus trees now because they grow faster than most other trees. They can grow about ten feet each year, which means they can be harvested at about ten years old.

Caomhín and Ned brought some interesting things to show us as well. They brought:

·       Two cross-sections of a twenty year old and a thirty year old citrus spruce
·       A special tape for measuring the width of trees
·       A young  birch tree, which we planted in our school yard

We learned a lot about trees and biodiversity. We are very grateful to Caomhín and Ned for coming to talk to us.

By Karen Murray