Friday, March 15, 2013

Football - Compulsory wearing of mouth guard

                                                                                                             15th March, 2013

Dear Parents,


Football Coaching will be starting in the school in early May.  It is now compulsory that every child taking part will be required to wear a mouth guard.   Mouth Guards are available in Outfield Sports and all sports equipment stores.


Thanking you.


Catherine Power.


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

All these kids need education!

All these kids need education! In the past few weeks 6th Class have been doing a project based on the theme ‘Education for all the world’s children.’ The aim of this project was to learn about some of the problems countries in the developing world face, with a particular focus on education. This project is run annually by Irish Aid, the Irish government’s official programme of overseas assistance to developing countries. In Rathgormack NS, we did two parts to our project – an investigative/ research part and a creative part. For the research section we investigated education in a selection of developing countries and compared the statistics with Irish ones. This really opened our eyes about the difference in education standards between developed countries and underdeveloped countries. For the creative section we composed our own song (with the music borrowed from familiar song!) We changed the lyrics to portray the message ‘All these kids need education!’ Part of this project is to share what we have learned with the wider community so we decided to upload our video on the school website. We also presented our project to other classes and displayed it in our classroom. We hope you enjoy our version....