Friday, February 28, 2014

Fairtrade Fortnight (24th February to 9th March)

We have been doing a lot of work on Fairtrade this week. We have
learned that a lot of the food we eat comes from developing countries,
for example, chocolate, bananas, tea, coffee, sugar. Fairtrade is
about ensuring that the farmers who produce these foods get a fair
price for their produce. We now know that if you see the Fairtrade
Logo on a product it means the farmer got a fair price.

Green Flag - Global Citizenship, Litter & Waste

We have started work on our next Green Flag. The theme is Global
Citizenship, Litter & Waste.

The Green School Committee has been elected and their first task was
to carry out a Global Awareness Survey among the students.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Create a Chart Using Microsoft Excel

Here is just a very quick reminder of how to create a chart using Microsoft Excel 2003 as we did in class, in this case I am going to do a pie chart.
I have also added a quick tutorial on how to do the same chart if you are using Microsoft Excel 2007 or newer this is at the end of video.

To view the video in a large screen click on the box in the lower right hand corner of the video (next to youtube)