Friday, February 23, 2018

Fundraising for Rathgormack N.S.

Current Accommodation 

We have 6 Classroom teachers 3 Learning Support Teachers and 1 Secretary full time in Rathgormack National School with 155 pupils.

These comprise of 17 Juniors presently accommodated in what is our Hall with two cloakrooms and toilets. 27 Senior Infants in one classroom, with 2 cloakrooms with toilets.  34 (1st and 2nd class combined) in one classroom with 2 cloakrooms with toilets. 25 (3rd Class) in a classroom with 2 cloakrooms with toilets. 26 (4th Class plus half of 5th Class) in one classroom and 26 (6th Class and half of 5th class) in one classroom.  These 52 pupils from 4th, 5th & 6th share two cloakrooms with 3 cubicles.

SET Room (Special Education Teaching) is used as a classroom, for storage, visiting specialists such as H.S.E., N.E.P.S., for meetings with parents, Reps, Inspectors, etc.

The Staff room is used as a classroom, SET room, for storage and a place where staff have their lunch.

The office is used for storage, all administration for principal, vice principal, secretary and parent contact with the school. The school also has a galley kitchen (used for storage of cleaning and art supplies) and a staff toilet for 10 staff.  

Corridor space in front of staff toilet is now being used as an S.E.T. area.

There is two storage sheds on the grounds for lawnmower, paint, footballs, furniture, Christmas decorations, benches, etc.

The pictures posted here aim to give an idea of how these spaces are currently used and the challenges pupils and staff face on a daily basis in these crowded conditions.