Our History

First School in Rathgormack
 1846 – 1909


  This is the first building to house the school in Rathgormack.

  This was opened in 1846 during the famine.

  Some of the children are barefoot in this picture.

  In the far right of the picture is Mrs Mary Kennedy (nee Duggan).  She was the headmistress at the time.


Second School in Rathgormack
1909 – 1973

  The second school was officially opened in 1910.

  Mr Guiry was headmaster around this time.

  There were four classrooms, two halls and separate playgrounds.

  The toilets were outside.

  Pádraig Pearse came for a visit to Rathgormack N.S .

  In the yard of the second school, boys and girls were divided by a wall.

  The boys had a football pitch and a small vegetable patch in their yard.

  The girls had a grove and a flower garden. They played betchels and skipping.

This photo shows the plaque on the school building that was located where H&N Engineering is now. It was erected in 1909 and officially opened in 1910.

Our School 1973 – Present


This plaque shows that the school was erected in 1973. It was officially opened in January 1974.


  This is our school.

  There are 147 pupils at present.

  It has five classrooms with two toilets for each one and a cloakroom.

  We have a staffroom, a hall, an office and a learning support room.


Our School Yard in 2012 and 2016


We have a large open playing area that includes

  Two football pitches

  Spacious, well developed and well kept grounds lawns.

  A large tarmac area with various games marked on ground.


A large garden area which has flourished over the years which includes flowers plants and apple trees!


Teachers & Staff

  The staff in our school at present (September2016) are:

  Juniors: Ms Grant

  Seniors/First: Ms Leahy

  Second: Ms Meehan

  Third/Fourth: Ms Power

  Fifth/Sixth: Ms Cahill

  Learning Support/ Resource: Ms Quigley, Ms Meaghar & Ms Flynn 

  School Secretary: Catherine Cahill

  School Caretakers: Antoinette Hogan & James Guiry